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Gift 1 (Devolver)
Gift 1 (Devolver)
Gift 2.1 (Leaves)
Gift 2.2 (paper)
Gift 2.3 (water)
Gift 2.4 (balloons)
Gift 2.5 (mountains)
Gift 2.6 (bronze leaf)
Gift 2.7 (Dancing)
Gift 7 (Tower Block)
Gift 7 (Tower Block)
Gift 7 (Tower Block)
Gift 1 (Devolver)

DEVOLVER (Give Back)


April - May 2015

During a two month residency in Cadiz, Spain, with Linda de Costa, May made seven ‘gifts’ for the city, once for each of the times her nation invaded it. Using playfulness and generosity she invited people into interaction. Each of the gifts were ephemeral; the kind of interaction that people can take or leave but which naively demarcates a different kind of relationship simply because it has happened.

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